“Consider Intervening and Ordering those who are Behind the Destruction of our Environment to Stop”, Says Bishop Eduardo to the Governor and State Government of Western Equatoria

By Sr. Henriette Anne FSSA

Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura – Yambio (CDTY), has appealed to the Governor and State Government of Western Equatoria to consider stopping the ongoing destruction of indigenous trees in Yambio.

“Honorable, I feel that it is my duty to bring to your attention the destruction of our trees that is currently ongoing in Yambio town and elsewhere. I have noticed with a heavy heart that some people are cutting down the big indigenous trees illegally in and around Yambio town. With much humility, I am respectfully requesting that you consider intervening and ordering those who are behind this destruction of our environment to stop doing so immediately”, he explained.

In his 15th March 2023 statement, he reminded the state officials to lead the community in the preservation and conservation of the environment since the Lenten campaign of this year in the Catholic Church calls for caring for Mother Earth that gives us clean air, brings rain, and beautiful shades to people.

“These huge indigenous trees keep the air that we breathe clean and fresh, they bring rain that helps our crops to grow, they make our town beautiful and act as shades to people during hot seasons. Kindly, let us stop their destruction. It is a coincidence that during this Lenten period, our campaign theme as the Catholic Church is the preservation and conservation of our Environment, Mother Earth. Lead us in this noble duty of preserving our environment”.

He added that the trees have been there for the last 200 years, therefore they are irreplaceable stressing that instead of cutting them down they should plant more.

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