The department is mandated to deliver health services to the inhabitants of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio which extends from Nagero (Tombura State) to Tapari (Amadi  State)

It works under the organizational structure of Catholic Organization for Development and Peace of the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio (CODEP/CDTY).

Its Mission is: Witnessing to God’s Love and Upholding Human Dignity through Social Justice under the Motto of “Passionate Commitment for Life”.

CODEP is known for:

  1. Strong leadership and management led by skilled, young and energetic managers.
  2. Policies and strategies: its visions and missions are implemented via clear stakeholders and beneficiaries focused strategies and relevant policy plans, objectives, targets and processes.
  3. Human resource management; is well spelt in the human resource Manual of the Organization and advocates for reward, recognition and care of the staff.
  4. Resource Management and Partnership: complies with all regulatory and legal considerations that may affect the services e.g procurement regulations and their applications, provision of donors and stakeholders with clear, honest statements on the usage of funds.


CODEP/CDTY-Health Department has been delivering health services since the 1980s and has accumulated vast experiences in the provision of health care services ranging from primary to specialized health care services in its health facilities.

The department with other health partners has been implementing health program in the region for long time:

  • Has run St Theresa Nzara Hospital through the Comboni sisters since 1997
  • Managed Yambio State Hospital from 1997 to 2009
  • One of the first organizations to start treating HIV/AIDs in Maringindo, Naandi, Ezo, Kpasua and Bambuka in Tombura  and Gbudue states
  • Trained health professionals (mid-level cadres) in Yambio State Hospital in 2005 for the region.
  • Integrated WASH project with WVSS with funds from Basic Service Fund (BSF) improving access to quality health care to the target population of Nzara and Tombura counties.


The CODEP/CDTY-Health and Well-Being Department has well established treatment and counseling and Awareness programs on HIV/AIDS and people living with HIV/AIDS supported by Media Campaign through its Radio-Anisa and its trained community leaders and members.

The department is delivering health care services in consortium with WVSS and AMREF supported by Health Pooled Fund 2 (HPF 2) in Lot 22 and Lot 23 in Nagero through Ibba counties till March 2019. From April 2019 together with World Vision South Sudan (WVSS) it is implementing Primary and secondary health Care services in lot 8 (Gbudue state) and in lot 7 (Tambura State) as well as the Boma Health Initiative (BHI).

It is in the process of establishing a Health Sciences Institute to supply and sustain the fast expanding St Theresa Nzara Hospital and its other health facilities and the health services in the nation at large.

The Department is managed by Prof. Bono T. John (MD), Tel: +211914525491, Email:, under the Directorate of Father John Ngbapia, the Director of CODEP/CDTY.