Symbolic Gifts that Christians from Western Equatoria gave the Apostolic Nuncio

By Joseph Ernesto

Religious leaders and Parishioners in the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio offered numerous traditional gifts including Bicycles to the Apostolic Nuncio of South Sudan and Kenya as a sign of unity and love in Christ on 30th April 2023.

Addressing the audience in a get-together ceremony organized at the Diocesan secretariat Curia, the Apostolic Nuncio welcomed the good gesture shown by the Christian community of Western Equatoria, urging the faithful Christians to always build their lives in Christ as He is the only way to salvation.

While in Yambio, Archbishop Bert Van Megen Hubertus ordained three candidates to the priesthood at St Mary Mother of God, Yambio.

His Grace Bert Van Megen urged the priests not to prioritize their personalities in order to represent Christ in their daily life. ’’The persona of a priest has to disappear behind the altar; whenever at the service of the Lord, we represent Christ, not ourselves; we, therefore, have to behave outside as indoors, showing Christ-like behaviours to the people of God.’’

He expressed his thankfulness to the people of the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio adding that whatever they have offered is for Christ that he and other priests represent. ‘’ whatever you have presented here is not for me but for an important person who is Christ that, I represent Christ.’’

For his part, His Lordship Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala thanked the Vatican ambassador and charge Daffair of the Vatican in Juba for their willingness to come despite unfortunate changes in the planned program.

Bishop Eduardo pleads for more future commitments to promote evangelization in the Diocese adding that the Nuncio should forward the plea of the Diocese to the Holy Father Pope Francis.

Hundreds of parishioners brought their gifts as a means to seek blessings.

The gathering started with the presentation of gifts from Deaneries, Parishes, Centres, Chapels, religious denominations, and different entities of the Diocese including individual gifts.

The business community offered two brand new bicycles described as City Bike, one for Nuncio and one for Monseigneur urging that the bicycles should facilitate transportation for evangelization in their destinies.

Among the gifts were, honey, various fruits, ground nuts, and cassava local and traditional assets to Nuncio, Monseigneur, and the missionary sisters.

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