Be Beacons of Hope and Faith Just Like Bishop Gasi, Says Mr. Simon to CDTY Seminarians

By Sr. Henriette Anne, FSSA

As the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio (CDTY) commemorates the life of Bishop Gasi on Friday, September 15, 2023, the iconic South Sudanese Prelate who has been described as a prayerful man who served the Church wholeheartedly, Mr. Simon Mikanipare Dukpurokari urged all the CDTY Seminarians at various seminaries to follow the footsteps of Bishop Gasi since they are the light and salt for the Diocese.

“I woke up thinking about my Rev Seminarians of CDTY starting in Maingbangaru, in St Bakhita, in Juba St Paul, in Uganda, in Kenya, in Italy (Roma) in Spain, and elsewhere that I have not mentioned, you are the light, the salt, and hope of the future of the Diocese. As we conclude this week of Titarani Bishop Gasi, I know you are already filled with the strength of his wisdom and focus”.

In his Friday 15th, message shared through WhatsApp, Mr. Simon reminded Seminarians that young men like them had often been distracted from their spiritual calling, lost in the chaos of the world. But now, in a world fraught with challenges and uncertainties, the need for their spiritual leadership is more critical than ever appealing to all of them to get to the altar so that the Catholic faith may be rooted into generation coming up.

“Gone are the days when young men were interrupted in their spiritual call and had no proper focus on their spiritual calls, but with all the needs in our world now, we need many of you to get to the alter so that the Catholic faith is rooted into our generation coming up”, Mr. Simon explained.

He added that the face of the world is changing rapidly stressing that the commitment of Seminarians and their dedication is paramount in bringing God’s word and guidance into the lives of people of Baguga, Rangu, Nabiapai, Baragu, Sinakpuro, Source Yubu, Bafuka, Gangura, and many other places.

“It’s your commitment that will keep the word of the Lord to be respected and save us.

The evil war of the world has just started to spread, we need Godly guidance to see us through”.

Reflecting on the life of the 12 Disciples who left everything to follow Jesus, Mr. Simon reminded the Seminarians that the timeless truth of God’s word and work remains steadfast, it had been, it was and it would continue to be now and forever, therefore, they should also do the same.

He further assured them that they are loved, thought of, and cared for by the community and they are destined to serve in Parishes, and chapels, bringing God’s grace and love to the faithful.

Inspired by the words of Pope Francis, he urged them to embrace unity and faith as they looked forward to the day of their ordination.

He expressed gratitude to the rectors who have shouldered the responsibility of nurturing the young men in their spiritual growth.

“We thank our rectors in all these seminaries for dressing up this responsibility, it is not easy to nurture young men in their spiritual growth. May the Lord bless you”,

He extended a warm greeting and welcome to Bishop Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kusala, who had been a pillar of support for their journey.

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