Fr. Babu Stands with the Struggling: Pleads with the Officials or Authorities to Take Action and Resolve the Crisis

By Sr. Henriette Anne, FSSA

Amidst the lush, green landscape of Iba County, a small community nestled between Yambio and Juba, a calamity struck that would disrupt the lives of its residents. It was a day like any other until heavy rain, typical of the region’s tropical climate, lashed down upon the county. The rain poured relentlessly, swelling the gentle Kuyongu Stream into a raging river, powerful enough to wash away the sturdy bridge that connected Juba to Bahr El Ghazal Via 08 counties. It separate Meridi County and Yambio County. It is precisely on the historical track road.

As news of the bridge’s collapse spread through the county, a sense of worry and apprehension settled over the people. The bridge had been a lifeline, facilitating not only the movement of goods and services but also the passage of families, friends, and travelers between the towns. Now, with the bridge gone, the vital link between Yambio and Juba was severed.

In the heart of this crisis, Fr. Babu visited the site to be in solidarity with the members of this community and he called upon the officials to come and save the situation. Fr. Babu’s visit provided emotional and spiritual support to the community members during this challenging time.

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