By Sr. Henriette Anne, FSSA

As the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio celebrates Catholic School Day today 10/10/2023, Bishop Eduardo has described this day as a day to honor the great St. Daniel Comboni who was a beacon of hope and enlightenment in South Sudan and Sudan.

According to bishop Eduardo, Catholic School Day was initiated in 2012, the diocese declared St. Daniel Comboni as the patron saint of all Catholic schools, an honor he truly deserved. His legacy was not just a tale of religious fervor, but also a narrative of social transformation and empowerment, especially in the African nations of Sudan and South Sudan. He added that St. Daniel Comboni’s teachings had transcended mere religious boundaries. He had brought forth not only the gospel of Christ but also the gift of education and social development. His vision was simple yet profound: to empower the people, to liberate them from ignorance, and to enable them to seek their rights and freedom explicitly.

“In 2012 we initiated Catholic school day while we celebrate St Daniel Comboni and we decreed him in our Synod as the patron Saint of all our Catholic schools, Daniel Comboni is spared and loved and showed direction for the people of Africa and particularly the people in South Sudan who are now part of them in the Republic of Sudan. Daniel Comboni brought not only faith, the gospel of Christ but also the social development that included among many education sector and this actually has set a crowd for the people of South Sudan to get their liberation to get their freedom and to be able to explicitly seek their rights and this has actually been at the core of all the pursuit of justice and peace and the development in the Republic of South Sudan and in Sudan and so the CDTY values the missionary work of St. Daniel Comboni,  what he has brought a faith that is transformed life here and also education we also match the Daniel Comboni, therefore, all our Catholic schools are embodied under the patronage of St. Daniel Comboni”, bishop Eduardo narrated.

In his message shared with Rurugene through WhatsApp, the prelate underscored that the celebration of the day focuses on instilling unwavering trust in God, to provide education to all, regardless of age or gender, and cultivating the essence of true service and leadership.

“The celebration focuses primarily on three things one to believe and trust in God, God takes the first place in our life and He is the center of all we do for children in school, for teachers, for parents, for our community, and number two is to provide education to all people, all categories, children, adults, and women and men, education in all formatted skilled event, tertiary, university  all these form under the patronage of St. Daniel Comboni and this is meant to empower all the people of Republic and this Diocese, we also would like to stand that education that we’re are seeking must be excellent and to be people of service and that is what I would like our Catholic schools to focus on”.

He stressed that education is the cornerstone of a peaceful nation, with pens and papers in hand

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