CODEP has Launched the Use of Hand Dug Well at St. Jude Catholic Chapel Under St. Augustine Catholic Parish in Yambio-WES

By Joseph Ernesto

The Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CODEP) on Wednesday 10th May 2023 launched the use of one of the seven proposed hand-dug wells at Gangara Emilia in Yambio. The project is aiming at digging seven wells in different areas in the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio in the identified points where it had been hard for the parishioners to access safe water.

The launching ensures that the remaining 6 wells that are in progress will soon be completed.

Speaking at the event, Rev. Fr. Mbikoyo Charles Director of CODEP thanked the donors for funding seven Wells in the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio and he reassured the donors of their improvement of performance proofed by evidential accountability and teamwork in running impacted projects.

 He mentioned that there are challenges as one of the areas had been hard to access underground water due to high geological factors and will therefore require the high technical ability to provide water for this community.

The project manager Mr. Ngbanisa David added that the launching of clean drinking water is a great achievement for the local community revealing that the catholic diocese of Tambura Yambio is one of the dioceses facing a serious humanitarian crisis as many parishes suffer from a lack of basic services and one of the leading challenges is lack of clean drinking water.

He further said that clean drinking water is basic for human life and also supports economic activities in the parishes,

Ngbanisa noted that the fixing of the seven boreholes will be completed within the month of May 2023 and set for training of the water users committee in early June for sustainability purposes, urging for humanitarian support in terms of Non-food items, seeds, and tools for the vulnerable returnees in greater Tombura and IDPS in Yambio for stability.

Mr Mathew Smith the vice president of development of Sudan Relief Fund thanked the partners and members of the community for their active participation in the launching adding that “Water is Life” while reiterating commitments to work in partnership with CODEP to execute the project.      

The 7 hand dug boreholes are a project funded by the Sudan Relief Fund since November 2022 and were distributed in 7 parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio such as St. Lucy parish Mambe, our Lady of Fatima Maridi parish, Corpus Christ Catholic parish Gangura, St. Jude Chapel Gangara, Emilia’s Justin Basukangbi parish Bianca, Quasi parish Banduguyo and St Cecilia Bagidi parish.

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