“Keep Yambio Open Market Clean to Prevent Infection”, says the Executive Officer of Yambio Municipality

By Arkangelo Rangabia

The executive officer of Yambio town municipality Mr. Zachariah Moses Timangi on 9th May 2023, urged both businessmen and women to “keep Yambio’s open market clean in order to prevent the spread of the diseases”.

Speaking to Radio Anisa, the executive officer of Yambio Municipality Mr. Zachariah called on the business community operating in Yambio Municipality to keep the environment clean to prevent infection caused by the unclean environment.

 “This general cleaning is the first of the year and is expected to occur every time whenever the market is unclean”, he added.

He urged the general public to stay away from garbage to prevent waterborne diseases caused by an unclean environment adding that the exercise will be carried out in other open markets around Yambio Municipality stressing that keeping the town clean will be a collective responsibility to see to it that garbage within the market is properly maintained by the public.

Mr. Moses further said, “Health is Wealth”, the general public should maintain a clean environment to maintain good health since raw food, vegetables and fruits including restaurants that operate within the market surroundings must be clean.

The executive officer for Yambio Municipality called on the public to repeat this exercise continuously in their different institutions as the Municipality will one day visit every institution including individual houses to monitor the surroundings.

On his part, Mr. Victor Elisa the chairman of the chamber of commerce called on the public especially the business community of which restaurant practitioners and tea sellers to throw food remains into dust bins to minimize flies in their food selling points.

 He added that the chamber of commerce will set rules and regulations that will seize those who will not abide by the rules and regulations set aside to keep the environment clean and any perpetrator will be dealt with according to the rules.     

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