Communicators in Western Equatoria State Urged to Use Communication as a “Bridge, not a Wall”

By Arkangelo Rangabia

Mr. Mande Daniel, Communication Skills Lecture at St. John Catholic University Yambio Campus on Monday morning urged Western Equatoria State Communicators to use communication as a” bridge, not as a wall”.

In his Monday, May 15 message on the anticipated occasion of the 57th World Communication Day (WCD), Mr. Mande said that communication is paramount as it builds good rapport among individuals and groups people through multiple sources such as the internet, social media platforms, and radio among others.

Speaking at Anisa Radio, Mr. Mande said, “the whole human life is existing by communicating the human need, vision, relationship and resolving differences stressing that youths should not forget to respect for each other in the media”.

He added that social media users to social media for development and peace rather than creating a negative impact on social media adding that some youth buy expensive social media facilities to use for unbeneficial yet in other world young people use social media to generate money through e-commerce, find jobs, transfer cash among others”.

Mr. Mande further called on the stakeholders to allow freedom of expression as through communication the citizens can be able to communicate their needs to the government and vice versa adding that a community where people are not allowed to speak is not a democratic community and development is not meeting the need of the people as such it will remain an impaired community.

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