Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba, “You are Going to Receive Electric Power in Just Two Months from Now”

By Arkangelo Rangabia

At the launching of the “Yambio Power Plant” on Wednesday 17th May 2023 at Uze in the Northern part of Yambio, Governor Alfred Futuyo Karaba, the governor of Western Equatoria State promised the community members that they will receive electric power in two months from now.

“You are going to receive electric power in just two months from now, this power will be supplied to all your business points, residents, and institutions at a small cost that is affordable to all”.

Governor Futuyo noted that the Power Plant project is a long-awaited project since 2005. “This had been a long-awaited power since 2005 under several leadership and this time we assure you that you will have light soon”, he explained.

He urged the general public to protect every material around the company and to take care of the lines to protect them from destruction.

He also urged them to collaborate with the companies to allow them to carry out their duties peacefully without interference and interruptions.

The Governor also stressed to the general public to make better use of the upcoming water that is also soon to be launched adding that it is a public asset that should be properly managed to last longer. The governor urged the public to minimize backbites and work for the common good of the state.

On his part, Mr. Arthemon Nzeyomwa, the managing director of Ngali Energy from Rwanda, assured the general public that they will receive power in a few months.

Mr. Arthemon added that the Power Plant project will create job opportunity for many in the state and beyond.

He further thanked the state government for their continued support and the community for the close collaboration with Ngali Company.

The power plant was installed in 2005 by foreign companies who worked tirelessly and unfortunately didn’t power out. The power plant is therefore being worked on by about four companies including the state ministry of housing, land, and public utilities in Yambio western Equatoria state of which Ngali is responsible for surveying and cutting trees on the wire lines.

 Al-Sabah is dealing with networking or pool installation and the Egyptian engineers are responsible for maintaining and installation of powering generators.

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