“From Sacraments to Gardening: Fr. Luke Yugue’s Holistic Approach to Ministry”

By Sr. Henriette Anne FSSA

In a colorful celebration, on 6th August 2023, in the presence of Christians and the local authorities, Fr Luke Yugue was installed as the Parish Priest of Nazareth Parish in Nagero. The Christians of Nagero are thankful after so many years has finally had a resident Parish Priest.

Ahead of the installation, the Christian community in Nagero built three tackles for the new Parish Priest. As one of his first works, Fr Luke has managed to reopen Nagero Secondary School. By now, it’s the only Secondary school in the County.

In an online interview with Rurugene Online Newsletter, Fr. Luke disclosed that he received the news of his appointment with great happiness.

To effectively manage the administrative and financial aspects of the Parish, Fr. Luke underscored that “he will train the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) to know their role as far as Parish administering the parish resources”, he added that his plan is to cooperate and collaborate with PPC in matters concerning their roles.

Fr. Luke further said that he will involve all the parishioner planning, and implementation of Parish activities in order to promote active participation and engagement of parishioners in various ministries and initiatives.

He went on to express that he will pay more attention to the celebration of the sacrament and the spiritual development of every Christian and ensure that he does something for himself like gardening.

“I will have to pay attention to the celebration of the Sacraments and the spiritual development of every Christian and make sure I also do something for myself for example; Gardening”.            

  He also promised to strengthen the connection between the parish and the broader community, including outreach efforts and partnerships with local organizations by reaching out to both the community and the local organization and partners.

“I will make sure that I reach out to them both the community and the local organization and the partners”.

He added that his vision is to ensure that Christians are helped to grow spiritually, to construct Parish houses and the Church since the Parish is in a mission land with no facility, to strengthen the capacity of the Secondary School, and push it to meet the required standard, to provide clean water, to open field for the Parish, and to begin some investments and self-help activities. He stressed that his goal is to see the parish flourishing both spiritually and in social activities.

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