St. John Paul II Philosophicum Seminary Resumes Mission with Renewed Vigor After Pastoral Break

By Ballash Jerome

The seminary of St. John Paul II Philosophicum in the Catholic Diocese of Tambura-Yambio on Tuesday resumed its vocational mission following seminarians’ pastoral holidays of about three months. Addressing seminarians and religious faithful during a holy mass Rev. Fr Andrea Mbuniwai who presided over the Mass, reminded the Seminarians about commitment, unity, and love.

Fr Mbuniwai during a night event while addressing the seminarians says “Vocation is a process of transformation and seminary is a formation house where one is built both spiritual and physical. He encouraged the seminarians to follow the rules and regulations of their formation house in order to succeed in the process of their vocation to priesthood encouraging them to have goals for the spiritual profession.

On his part, Rev. Fr. Vairi Natale reactor –St. John Paul II Philosophicum seminary also urged the seminarians to behave rightly at the right time and to resist situations in their vocational journey by following the rules.

Fr. Natale with joy welcomed a new lecturer, Bro. Emmanuel from Nigeria to the seminary.

During the welcoming ceremony, new members were welcomed into the seminary.

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