Bishop Gasi’s Unforgettable Legacy Unites Yambio’s Community and Government Leaders

By. Baraka John

The National Minister of Public Service Hon. Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro together with the commissioner of Juba County landed in the morning Tuesday at Yambio airstrip to attend the 9th anniversary of Bishop Joseph Gasi slated for this week.

Hon. Bakosoro was received by the deputy governor of Western Equatoria State Dr. Keneedy Gaaniko, commissioner of Yambio County, Hon. Mbiko Barakati, and other government officials.

Speaking to reporters, Hon. Bakosoro noted that he came to join the people of CDTY in celebrating the life of Bishop Titarani Joseph Gasi.

“We are grateful to be here. I came purposely to attend the anniversary of Bishop Joseph Gasi, and we came together with the commissioner of Juba County to learn more about Yambio”.

Hon. Charles Joseph Wani acknowledged that his visit is based on the invitation to attend the feast of the iconic Bishop Joseph Gasi, whom he described as a man with unforgettable legacies.

“We came here based on an invitation on the occasion of the memorial of Bishop Joseph Gasi. We also brought the wishes of the people of Juba to you ahead of this feast”, Wani stated.

Some parishioners in the Catholic diocese of Tambura Yambio have started arriving at the venue of the feast.

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