SARD Institute Students Set Out on a Journey of Personal Growth

A group of 11 students from Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Development (SARD) Institute, comprising 4 women and 7 men, 11th 9, 2023, embarked on an enriching two-month practical experience at the renowned Solidarity Farm in Riimencie. “It was a day filled with blessings, good wishes, and heartfelt farewells as the students set out on a journey that promised not only personal growth but also a deepened sense of solidarity”, says Br. Kyalo.

The 4 women and 7 men, representing diverse backgrounds and interests, symbolized the unity in diversity that SARD Institute holds dear. They wore bright smiles that mirrored their enthusiasm for this unique journey. The students had spent weeks preparing for the journey by practicing different farming technologies, which included making the “Mandala Garden”, but nothing could fully prepare them for the transformative experiences that lay ahead.

SARD Institute is an initiative of the CDTY initiated in 2021, with the sole objective of transforming a peaceful, food-secure, and economically enabled society through improved modern sustainable agriculture for rural development.

The SARD institute has three agriculture courses, which include,16 months, 6 months, and 1-6 weeks courses. Currently, the institute operates at St. Augustine Parish in Yambio.

The institute has established a demonstration farm at St. Augustine Parish of about one hectare which has been divided into small plots of 150m square per student for practical training.

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