Eight Educational Centers Unite to Create Memorable Catholic School Day

By Sr. Henriette Anne, FSSA

As each parish celebrated Catholic School Day in the Catholic Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, eight educational centers of Rii Yubu Payam came together and celebrated the day with diverse activities to create a memorable experience for everyone. The combination of religious ceremonies, community meals, student performances, teacher recognition, and sports activities demonstrates a holistic approach to celebrating the importance of education.

The celebration of the Eucharist was held to bless and give thanks for the education and the opportunity to learn and providing a meal for everyone in attendance is a great way to bring people together and ensure that nobody goes hungry.

During the celebration, the performance of the eight schools was recognized to showcase the talents and achievements of the students from each of the eight educational centers leading to celebrating the hard work and dedication of students.

The organizers of the celebration also noted that recognizing and rewarding the best teachers is an excellent way to motivate educators and highlight their contribution to the community.

The eight educational centers also involved in football matches as a fun and competitive activity that brings people of all ages together, to promote physical fitness and teamwork.

Other schools that honored the day inluded;

1-TOMBURA: 8 Educational centers celebrated
2- Gangura-Yambio: with two Educational centres 
3- Riimenze: with 5 Educational centers…
4- Naandi: with 4 Educational centers…
5- Ibba: 3 Educational centers….
6- meridi: with 5 Educational centers

 In his homily on the day of St Daniel Comboni day, Bishop Edwardo said thousands of children particularly in Yambio County are out of school, and he questioned parents of their obligation to support those children to go back to school.

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