Fr. Medeni Advocates for Monthly Prayers in Schools to Foster Holistic Education

By Kutiote James Martin

The Priest in the Catholic Diocese of Tambura Yambio has urged the administration of all the schools under the Diocese to organize monthly prayers for both Nursery, Primary, and secondary students.

“When we teach our children well to know God and to know education we shall have a good community, a good future in a good country. I suggest the schools including nursery, primary, and secondary should always have a kind of mass, it is good you request the pastoral to provide chaplains in your schools we should also have catchiest in primary schools to catechize pupils who are not receiving holy communion and those who are not baptized”, Fr. Medeni revealed.    

Speaking to the congregants during the feast of St. Daniel Comboni and the celebration of Catholic School Day in CDTY, under the theme “Save Africa by Africa” Fr. John Medeni the Diocesan Pastoral Coordinator who doubled as the Parish priest of St. Justin Basukangbi Catholic Parish said, “It is an obligation of the catholic doctrine to instruct children both morally, physically, and spiritually in all aspects of life”.

He added that having a chaplain and Catechist in charge of spiritual activities in the schools will enable children to be God-fearing as they come closer to God in Baptism, holy Eucharist, and confirmation.

He advised the teachers not to concentrate on giving more theories to the children but they should learn how to do practical work which will help them in their future,

He made the remarks during the Eucharistic Celebration on Tuesday in St. Daniel Comboni Primary School premises in Nzara County.

By integrating spiritual education into the school system, Father Medeni believes that children will grow up with a strong foundation in both faith and academics, contributing to the development of a virtuous and knowledgeable community. This approach aligns with the Catholic doctrine’s emphasis on instructing children in moral, physical, and spiritual aspects of life.

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